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Dear Assess User,

Thank you for your continued use of Assess. Based on feedback from our clients and some internal research, we are making two minor updates to the Assess System effective October 1, 2012 which pertain only to the Positive Response Factors (PRFs) and their associated Special Notes.

As background you may recall that in Assess we use the Special Notes in the report to highlight for the reader special circumstances when the respondent may have responded to the survey much more positively or much more candidly than most respondents. These notes are triggered by very high scores on both of the PRFs or very low scores on both of the PRFs. Note that these scales are not scored into any competencies or used for any other interpretation purposes aside from the Positive/Candid Response notes.

Positive Response Scales Norm Update

We have received feedback from our user base that the percentage of candidates receiving positive response notes in Assess has increased. Our research bears this out; in recent years, candidate scores on our Positive Response Factor scales have drifted upwards indicating a shift in the underlying norms. To adjust for this and to ensure that we are only presenting Special Notes in the extreme cases where respondents differ substantially from the norms, we are updating the norms to reflect candidate data from the last few years. This will realign the percentage of candidates receiving the Positive Response Pattern note closer to the intended rate (~10% of candidates).

Removal of Positive Response Scales from Graphic Profile

We also took this opportunity to consider feedback we have received regarding displaying the PRFs on the Graphic Profile. Many of our clients provide Assess reports to current employees and/or new hires for onboarding and development purposes. In these contexts the Positive Response Factors become less meaningful and are potentially distracting and often mis- or over-interpreted by the untrained reader. Therefore, we are removing the Positive Response Factors from the graphic profile in Assess to simplify the presentation of results and avoid mis- or over-interpretation. For those of you using Assess for selection, don't worry, you will continue to be alerted when these positive response scores are extreme. (You will continue to receive notes on the 2nd page of Selection & Development reports, and will continue to receive a Special Note on the first page of the Hiring Manager report.)

We think that these changes will be a positive and welcome update to the Assess System. No action is needed on your part; your account will automatically be updated.

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